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Full time burritos… Scarlett and Dallas - Lets be part time burritos.

Awww, who's mommy's little sociopath? LOL!!! I think he's related to my kid!

"Honey Boo-Boo Child" and Mom - Matching dresses. these things drive me crazy, what are some parents thinking???

Ha! My boy, whose room sorta looks like this, stares at the picture and says, "He's got some good pieces."

LOL. I had one of those. I didn't know they could get that big! I mean the horseshoe crab, not the child. I have two of those and they are much bigger.

Seriously?? This kid has a tv show... Let's celebrate childhood obesity and no manners! And this is why America is globally ridiculed!

More Funny Honey Boo Boo Memes (5) love this show, true stuff

Whenever I'm having a bad day, I stop and give thanks that this is not my family.

"A dollar makes me holla', honey boo boo child!" Man, I love me some Toddlers and Tiaras.

she is off to a good start -- in a library, and just like me, she doesn't like being disturbed when she is with her best friends, books... let nothing keep you from your books, they can take you where life cannot... they are precious portals to everywhere you could ever want to go...

I will beat the crap out of my kids if they act like this... then I'll beat their kids just to make sure they get the point