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    We live lives based on the principle of trust everyday. So why is trusting God on a consistent basis difficult for most of us? Click the link below to read the article: "Trusting God is a Matter of the Heart"

    Post your #PrayerRequest on Instapray. Download the free prayer app. #Pray with the whole world ------>

    You Were Made to Know God

    Put God first

    God heals the brokenhearted

    Trust God!

    God is the Great Potter.


    Trials, tribulations and test have their way of mentally drawing us away from where our attention should be, which is on God and His Word regarding our situations. Go to faithsmessenger.c... to read the article "Setting Your Mind on Things Above"

    God fills the longing of my heart.

    1. how beautiful 2. crying doesn't mean you're an oversensitive person 3. it may mean you're childlike 4. that's ok because Jesus says our hearts should be like a child-trusting, loving, and humble Thanks JPII. You really know how to put thoughts and feelings into words.

    Ezekiel 33:31 God return My heart to YOU alone

    I thank God for this day for the sun in the sky for my mom and my dad for my piece of apple pie for my home on the ground for His love that's all around that's why i say thanks every day! Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. I'm glad for what I have that's an easy way to start. for the love that He shares and He listens to my prayers that's why I say thanks every day.

    “The greatest power that God has given to any individual is the power of prayer.” — Kathryn Kuhlman

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    God is the arm that will hold you at your weakest… the eye that will see you at your darkest and the HEART that will love you at your worst.

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    Prayers for children; prayer for a sick child, blessings for children, nighttime prayers; well I'm a grown -up but I pray this way sometimes too in him