We live lives based on the principle of trust everyday. So why is trusting God on a consistent basis difficult for most of us? Click the link below to read the article: "Trusting God is a Matter of the Heart"

Realize that God is the Father of all…even the children whom He has entrusted to us. Trusting God in all things will give us the peace we need to be the parents He needs us to be to the children He has entrusted to us. Go to http://faithsmessenger.com/trusting-god-with-our-most-precious-commodity/ to read the article "Trusting God with our Most Precious Commodity"

Trust God...

God, Inspiring quotes

God sees our hearts...

Trust God!


Psalm 4:23 ~Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.


Trusting Lord

You Were Made to Know God

Simon Dewey - Pure in Heart

Put God first

GOD > worries

My Savior ♥ I love this! You don't see too many pictures with him smiling. This is a favorite picture! It is the one I got for Jenna's room. It's her Jesus picture.

God listens to our hearts...

Trust God!

I am here

When Faith Blossoms...

listen through my heart

Trust GOD in the darkest time of your life...He is there with you.