We live lives based on the principle of trust everyday. So why is trusting God on a consistent basis difficult for most of us? Click the link below to read the article: "Trusting God is a Matter of the Heart"

Realize that God is the Father of all…even the children whom He has entrusted to us. Trusting God in all things will give us the peace we need to be the parents He needs us to be to the children He has entrusted to us. Go to http://faithsmessenger.com/trusting-god-with-our-most-precious-commodity/ to read the article "Trusting God with our Most Precious Commodity"

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Trust God...

Prayers for children; prayer for a sick child, blessings for children, nighttime prayers; well I'm a grown -up but I pray this way sometimes too


GOD > worries

You Were Made to Know God

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Matthew 22:37-39 ~ Jesus replied that this is the GREATest Commandment (to Love God) and, then, that the 2nd GREATest is to Love one another.... to Love His entire Kingdom. Art credit to Holly Monroe (link for more calligraphy art)!

Redirection...trust in him

† ♥ † ♥ † God hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart. † ♥ † ♥ † Thank You God, You hear all & care!

"If God is All You Have..."

Trusting Lord

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Jesus said: If you trust me, you are trusting not only me, but also God who sent me (John 12:44). He also said: Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me (John 14:1).


God is the arm that will hold you at your weakest… the eye that will see you at your darkest and the HEART that will love you at your worst.

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God Heals

Once you receive God in your heart, you won't be afraid of dying or the end of humanity, because Jesus conquered death, and in his name so can you! Jesus will never let anything bad happen to you, and when we do die, we'll be with him! :D