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Aaron Jeffrey as Alex

Alex & Claire Season 3

McClouds Daughters, the Ryan brothers, Nick and Alex, hot guys, male actor, portrait, photograph, sexy dudes, yum-yum

Claire & Alex // McLeods Daughters

Claire & Alex - McLeod's daughters

Clare Alex and Charlette in Melville from McLeod's Daughters

McLeod's Daughters Myles Pollard, Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell, Aaron Jeffery

Becky, McLeod's Daughters


McLeod's Daughters - Nick & Alex Ryan

McLeod's Daughters - McLeod's Daughters This was the BEST tv series. I lived at Drovers Run for a little while, at least it felt that way. Good escape if you are looking to get away for a bit.

McLeod's Daughters men. Matt, Dave, and Alex!!!!!!

Justified - One of the best shows on tv. (And it takes place in Lexington/Eastern Kentucky!)

Tess, I miss you. Alex you rascal.

Alex & Stevie

McLeods Daughters - Nick, Alex, Tess, Jodi, Stevie, Dave, Kate

Alex McLeods Daughters

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Tess & Nick

McLeod's Daughters - Photo Gallery - Tess & Nick