"time out jar- shake the jar, when the glitter all settles you're done. Supposedly helps them concentrate on calming down while they watch the glitter..." Pretty!

Good for focusing children. Shake it up and watch it separate again!

11 totally awesome calm down jars for kids

Brill-IANT~~Bubble Refill Container. need this for the summer!

Hmm... wonder if one could add flavors...

PVC playhouse, just add sheets! LOVE THIS!

I-Spy Bottle...

25 easy ideas to make your child's birthday special. I already do a couple of these things and my kids love it!


Juggling With Kids: Mind Jar

Use a dollar store mesh expandable laundry bag for sand toys so you can shake out the sand instead of bringing it home

Calming Jar-tell your child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom. If you want to make your own calming jar (good for moms as well) they are really easy! All you need to do is: jar or bottle with a lid 1 tbsp of clear glue (or glitter glue) to each 1 cup of (hot) water to fill the jar add in glitter (about 1 inch of glitter) food coloring (optional)

the calming jar --- good alternative to time out...time chillin & watching the sparkles settle

Time out timer

20 Toys to Make From Trash

Chore charts! I like this idea for when my kids get older.

directions for those time-out glitter bottles

Paint cups, why didn't i think of that? Genius!

Quiet time boxes for each day of the week

Have better time-outs! Oh, you're really upset? Hey look over here at this sparkly bottle. Shake it up. Watch it settle. All is calm and time-out is over! Now it's time to talk about what happened calmly.

Tablecloth playhouse! Store in a drawer when you're not using it! Need to make one of these!