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    "time out jar- shake the jar, when the glitter all settles you're done. Supposedly helps them concentrate on calming down while they watch the glitter..." Pretty!

    Making a Calm Jar

    11 totally awesome calm down jars for kids

    How do you make a calm down jar- Here are six different recipes. 6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar by Preschool Inspirations

    Juggling With Kids: Mind Jar

    how to make a calming jar.... key is to add more glue for more time!!!

    This is a calming jar. Instead of timers for time out. Use this. Shake it up, and place it in front of your LO. Explain to them that when it's all shook up, that's how their mind is when they are angry/frustrated/over-whelmed. That sitting there watching all the glitter fall to the bottom will help them calm down, and when they calmed down they can see clearly again.

    Glitter Bottle Calm Down Sensory Tool Anxiety Relief

    help kids sleep with a glowing bed time calming bottle

    Time Out improvement on Time Out Jar issues.

    Tornado in a

    Good for focusing children. Shake it up and watch it separate again!

    The Pinterest Project: A Calming Glitter Bottle

    On the go Crayon Box - soap box, post it, and crayons! Perfect to keep in the purse! Genius!

    Chore chart

    Ice Cream Dough: A totally New Sensory Play Recipe that looks and smells JUST like ice cream and is also moldable and super soft.

    Calming jar; also seen as a time out jar...tell child/student that they need a break and may rejoin the group when everything has settled to the bottom.

    Teaching your kids one of life's most important lessons: how to save. Love this

    Use glue and glitter to make “tooth fairy money.” | 34 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier