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    How to Prune a Mango Tree

    by Lacy Enderson
    Pruning mango trees increases quality fruit production and allows for easy access to the fruit. An unpruned mango tree can grow to over 40 feet tall, making it difficult to reach and harvest the mangoes. If you have a mango tree and you're looking for a way to properly maintain it, read through a fe...
    • Shea Radiance

      When you hear “Mango Butter”, this is what you think of. How do you get that fantastically rich, sweet scented butter, out of this juicy fruit? The key is the de-shelled kernel which is 7 – 11 percent fat, and rich in vitamins A, C, and E. There are thousands of types of mangoes. You can find their trees in places where sunshine and tropical heat are plentiful, like India, South Africa, South America, and vacation worthy islands circling the tropical belt of the globe.

    • Pol Bishop

      single mango fruit

    • Ghicely Menendez


    • Melissa Moots-Grau

      Mango - best eaten green and dipped in soy sauce. We had a couple of trees in the yard of our first house.

    • Gigi Aker

      How to Prune a Mango Tree.

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