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Percy & Annabeth; Frank & Hazel; Piper & Jason; Leo & Calypso; Clary & Jace; Simon & Izzy; Magnus & Alec; Tessa & Will; Emma & Julian; Kirito & Asuna; Katniss & Peeta; Day & June; AND SO MUCH MORE

(Open Drarry rp. Be Harry. Takes place after the final battle. Au where Draco didn't side with Voldemort.) I hold you close where we are kneeling on the floor. "Shh... It's okay love. It's over." I murmur. I sniffle quietly and press a gentle kiss to your head. (Credit to @Sochoa27 )

The Cursed Child - Albus and Scorpius by Raven wings - ALBUS: Great. So we might just - come in - for a bit - if that’s okay? SCORPIUS: That’s okay. Hi.