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"Kenya?" I turned, surprised to see her on the ground, staring at her shirt. She placed a hand on the growing crimson. "Uh, Luka? I think I might need your help," she said, before her eyes rolled back and she slumped to the side. I yelled her name and was at her side in moments, my knees stinging from the slide. My eyes widened at the amount of blood already pooling underneath her. How long had she been bleeding? ~Amethyst, IC

"Is that blood?" She asked me, her eyes growing wide as they looked at the blood that crusted my knuckles. "Yeah," I answered. She raised her eyes to my face and swallowed before asking another question. "Is it yours?" "No."

"Silver" jack cries out to me tears forming in his soft grey eyes. I look up at him trying to get my eyes to focus. "Keep your eye open" he yells at me as my eyes quickly blink. "I can't" I murmur and he holds my hand as he screams for help. "I don't need you to keep saving me" I mutter an I see a sad smile appear on his face. "Silver. I like saving you. No other person I would want to save than you"I smile and he smiles back before I close my eyes.

The lovely Samantha was so engrossed in reading Wuthering Heights that she didn't notice the bookshop had transported her to the wild moors. We'll have to send out a search party. She'll be half frozen, poor thing...

The drops came from nowhere. I attempted to clean the mess, soaking up the strange smelling deep Crimson liquid, but more and more kept showing up and spreading. Much to my surprise but not horror, the blood was mine.