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    Wow ~ scary truth there!!!

    • Patricia Popkins Greenwalt

      Truth! Forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation! God does not say we have to allow people that treat us bad in our lives! Preaching it and Living His word!

    • KeeKee Denise

      Some people don't need second chances because sometimes they don't come back in your life to start over. Sometimes they come back to finish their hidden agenda from before. #lessonlearned #wisdom #quotes

    • Azaria Durant

      "She gave me a second chance." I say. "Now it's my turn to give her a second chance." "Elroy, she is pure evil now." Hamish replies. "You can't reason with that." "Well I'm going to try." He sighs. "Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them another arrow because they missed you the first time." "But she has good in her still! She won't harm me." "I hope for both of your sakes that you are right."

    • Jacob DeBellis

      This is so true. But I give second chances anyways. And third. And fourth. And twenty-ninth..

    • Tabetha Craun

      ...and sometimes it is the greatest thing ever and you end up living happily ever after...

    • Leah Ann Gonzalez

      Everyone deserves a second chance in life, doesn't mean in your life; choose wisely!

    • Erin Tyler

      This needs to be thought about before giving a second chance.

    • Rileigh West

      So true and exactly pinpointing my thoughts at the moment.

    • Aleah Cantrell

      Sometimes this is the sad truth about second chances :-(

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