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  • Caitlin Critchfield

    Storm trooper Normal Life

  • Brown Bag Comics

    Girl Trooper - My BF went to the Death Star

  • Kristian Kloth

    Star Wars art by Cisternas

  • Anna M

    Normal Life Stormtroopers Best Friend Pic On Design You Trust

  • Flaister

    another lousy T-shirt #StarWars

  • Elcodigodebarras

    “Pin-Up Girls and Stormtroopers“, a beautiful series of illustrations by Cisternas in a style that is simple, sweet and trashy, combining pin-up and Star Wars universes for our greatest happiness. A nice set of posters with some references to Shining or The Wizard of Oz…

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I like how Batman know EXACTLY where to look for his kid. XD

Some might find this funny because Aquaman's means of transportation appears the least impressive among those pictured. I find this funny because the animators decided to put Aquaman on a boat. Aquaman. On a boat. WHILE HE'S IN WATER.

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Adventure Time + Star Wars = ? (Not a fan of adventure time, but damn this is HILL. . . Corny.) XD

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." ~ Mythbusters

Batman Dinosaur my absolute two favorite things :]

Darth Vader, Renaissance Man (Soon you will know the power of the F-sharp...)

"hold the fighting guys, this would make a GREAT movie cover!" -something the superheroes probably said once

I'm sorry but this always makes me laugh

WHY am i laughing at this? I don't know. But I am. its kinda hilarious haha @Mandy Perkinson

I can't even handle a Loki cat right now! Then you throw in a Thor dog! Made my day!