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A & W Driveins

A Drive In's

Biggest hangout for us as teenagers in Swift Current! Complete with speakers and car hops.

A large mug of A&W Root Beer and a foot-long loaded with everything. My Mother would take us there every Saturday while doing the grocery shopping.

Brownie uniform . . .i tried Explorers and CGIT too

Our last stop out of LA @ the baseof the San Bernadino Mountains on the way to my Grandparents cabin in Bluejay, Lake hops on roller skates, and great burgers and fries, and best of all n ice cold frosty mug of the best root beer I ever tasted!

Vintage A&W lunchbox

The A&W drive-in. Dad flicking the lights for service, the tray on the window with all the food on it... thinking it'll fall over with those heavy mugs on it. ;-D

A & W rootbeer

Vintage menu

A root beer float

the walk-around bonnet hair dryer...general electric 1959

Curious to see what happens when remix culture meets Mister Rogers? That's a good thing! (Thanks to the Fred Rogers Co. for its support)

A & W Root Beer Vintage Bottle

1960s Toy Metal Ball and Jacks

A W Root Bear Straws

1972 drink container

Label Maker. On Everything.

"Root Bear" was introduced in 1974