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Spring azure (Celastrina ladon) - butterfly

Spring Azure Butterfly (Celastrina Ladon) - This butterfly can be found on the Catalina Island Lilac (Ceanothus Arboreus) on the Pin before.

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The Mission Blue is a blue or lycaenid butterfly subspecies native to the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States. The butterfly has been declared as endangered by the US Federal Government. It is a subspecies of Boisduval’s Blue

.trust the process chrysalis butterfly

Newly-emerged Blue Morpho butterflies photographed at the Calgary Zoo. Fine, we should all be like butterflies, metamorphosis .

The Fivebar Swordtail butterfly really is a beautiful species, I'll give it that. However, it does have one particularly nasty habit that makes me question its sanity. This type of butterfly is one of a couple of species that partake in mud-puddling.

Five-bar Swordtail butterfly (Graphium antiphates), found in South Asia.

butterflies.quenalbertini: Blue, white and black polka dot butterfly

Photoshopped picture of a Monarch. They are not actually this color. Thanks Peter Wade for clearing this up!