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Who Are You? Discover Your Archetypes (+ a quiz!) - A Sacred Journey

I recently discovered my primary archetypes with this quiz, and they're pretty accurate!

Take our quiz and learn more about yourself, friends, family and partners.

Cut through the clutter. Find things you know you'll like once you discover your archetypes.

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Pinner: DISC: A useful model for a) understanding your own behavior (not personality) and b) adjusting your behavior to the preferences of another person. I use this frequently in coaching and training to match the behav

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Things to remember while designing lessons, modules and courses - 5 Human Psychology Facts You Can Use To Create Better eLearning - SHIFT

To celebrate 150 years of the #LondonUnderground, artist Mark Wallinger has created a major new project entitled Labyrinth – 270 individual artworks, one at each of the 270 stations on the network, and each bearing its own unique circular labyrinth.  TFL is running a schools' competition to produce an eye-catching poster inspired by Labyrinth. The winning posters will be produced with a professional designer and exhibited at Tube stations throughout the network in autumn 2013.

Artist Mark Wallinger chooses winners of Labyrinth Schools Poster Competition to celebrate anniversary of Tube Turner prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger

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Discover Your Archetypes (+ a quiz!) - A Sacred Journey

INFPs and INFJs are generally well liked due to their warmth and sincerity. They make good listeners, put others at ease, and are valued as friends and confidantes.

Know the difference! there is no such thing has half INFP half INFJ. Their functions are totally different.

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