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Mina and Elora first meeting. “Why is everyone in this group hot?!?”

I can't get over how beautiful this picture of Mina, by lippopei is.…

technoponytart: Eloras color pallet is so cute! I had to draw her.

these are actually kind of old, but hey! trell and elora cheebz

Forgot to post my favorite photo from MCM! Kim was so lovely, and came running around the booth when I asked for a photo ;3; In return I let her hold the Guandao Im so glad I finally got to meet her, she is just so precious and amazing

imaginationcornemmy: Elora to the rescue; once more to the rescue, this time running back to save Jouto

Lil Elora pony :3
I always forget how much I love drawing ponies X3
Hope y'all like it!

It's messy, but here's my first drawing of Ralmar. I hope you like it