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I was afraid. But then I realized, fear gets you nowhere. It only gets you killed. And I no longer want to die.

Hoosier. If you're from Indiana you are considered a "Hoosier." I lived in Indiana from birth till I was about 17 or so. And I truly miss it!

William Eggleston was an influential photographer, because he took pictures of simple, everyday American life that were considered amature, and slowly became more appreciated, resulting in being named father of color photography.

A national catastrophe. "..arsail Eoghan of Septel has been convicted of attempted murder on several accounts. Eoghan was indicted for murder in the first degree on November 12 (?), in connection with the death of his parents, the majestatis Atticus and Estera Eoghan. Eoghan's sentence will keep him incarcerated for some years in a (anonymous) psychiatric ward. As well, there is current investigation underway to prove the allegation of Eoghan's involvement with the death of his brothers."