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Eliot Ness, born in Chicago on April 19, 1903, was an American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago. He was the leader of a legendary team of law enforcement agents nicknamed The Untouchables. Ness brought down the notorious gangster Al Capone by targeting the illegal breweries and supply routes used by him.

He entered jail at 21 a two-bit thief and emerged at 30 far wiser. Over the next 11 months, the always polite, always dapper John Dillinger robbed at least 10 banks. Twice cops caught him; twice he escaped, hiding once in his dad's house while G-men scoured the nation. In 1934, a Romanian madam in Chicago sold him out for a Green card; Dillinger was 32 when he was ambushed and killed by the FBI.

William Jennings Gardner (23 January 1884 – 15 June 1965) was one of Eliot Ness's "Untouchables," a group of 13 hand-picked United States federal law-enforcement agents who, from 1929 to 1931, sought to put an end to Al Capone's illegal empire. Ness chose Gardner for his team because he was an expert at undercover work. At 50 he was the oldest Untouchable. He was part Chippewa, former soldier and athlete.

Ma Barker, whose sons Herman, Lloyd, Arthur ("Doc"), and Freddie used her as a cover, said that her boys were driven to crime by poverty. Along with Freddie, she was killed in an FBI shoot-out near Oklawaha, FL. Fearing a scandal when the public found out his agents had killed someone's mother, J. Edgar Hoover invented the myth of Ma Barker as the evil mastermind of the Barker-Karpis gang, who had led her sons astray. Karpis later said that she had nothing to do with her sons' crimes