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    • OSDE:  English Language Learners (School of Curriculum and Instruction)

      Little Giraffes|Five Senses Teaching Theme Ideas and 5 Senses Activities|This blog post contains a wealth of great, hands-on and visually stimulating ideas for teaching little learners about the 5 senses. These activities are likely to be especially useful for those working with ELLs, as they are likely to help them retain new vocabulary by stimulating other senses as they learn the words.

    • Megan Daly

      Illustrate that vibrations cause sound. Use a rubber band to attach a piece of thin rubber (a piece of a balloon or rubber glove) to one side of a PVC elbow. Put a few pieces of rice on the taut piece of rubber. Talk into the open end of the PVC pipe and watch the rice dance (sound waves). The louder you talk, the better the rice jumps.

    • Leslie Cooper

      Five Senses - Whole Teaching Unit. This is a PVC elbow with a rubber band around cut balloon covering the end. Place rice on top and talk into it to see the sound waves vibrate!

    • Michelle Conde

      To demonstrate that sound is vibration--This is a PVC elbow with a rubber band around cut balloon covering the end. Place rice on top and talk into it to see the sound waves vibrate! This would be great for elementary!

    • Donna Newdiger

      Five Senses Teaching Theme Ideas and 5 Senses Activities at Little Giraffes

    • Kaleigh Morsink

      My 5 Senses Unit: Five Senses sound vibration and other good stuff

    • Edie Erickson

      Could use for sound/vibration lesson

    • Amanda Jean

      Five Senses sound vibration

    • Rotem Sela - Guetta

      Five Senses Teaching Theme

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    Could this science project be any more fun for kids!? I just love all of this teachers activities. Using the five senses, decide which is sugar and which is salt.

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