Jaime Preciado and Tony Perry

This man is the most beautiful man. Seriously! <3 Jaime

I love ptv they saved my life wene I had hard times <3 mike, tony hime and viv thnk u u saved me

thegreatmeowski: Don’t change the source this is from my yearbook so have some pictures of young Jaime

Jaime Preciado | Pierce The Veil

Jamie Grace. This is a really pretty photo of her... well, every photo of her is pretty.

I feel like I've pinned this before but oh my god Jaime

It's a good thing Jaime isn't with that girl. ;) Super cute picture. Love it. Love the beach. Love the color. :)


Gerard Way!

Jaime Preciado


lol Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men<< There Will always be The outcast in The band

Jake and Andy

#Jaime #Vic

Pierce The Veil, Jaime Preciado & Vic Fuentes. mmmm that face though

Pierce The Veil 3 iPhone 5/5s Case[i want!!!! Its only 19$ !!!!!!!]

Jaime Preciado

Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado of Pierce the Veil with a puppy

Jaime Preciado

Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado lol