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My PERSONAL FAVORITE recipes from 2016

My personal FAVORITE recipe from 2016! These need to go on your MUST MAKE LIST!

My PERSONAL FAVORITE recipes from 2016

Happy NEW YEAR! I hope you are enjoying the Top most POPULAR Recipes of 2016! 2016 has been a year of change for me personally from my little brother getting married, to my parents moving to Germany, to selling our home, moving twice, buying a new home, lots of travel, 2 surgeries, and another one this month. All good things, but one thing that has stayed constant is my love of food, creating recipes and sharing them with you AND your amazing support through it all! I love opening my…

BEST SITE EVER! Ana White - How did I not know about this website? It is awesome. It gives you the plans to build all kinds of DIY furniture & more projects w/specifically what to buy! FOR FREE! Console tables, headboards, craft tables, benches, etc. Oh husband get ready to add some things to your "To Do List" :)

I decided to do this for my best friend's graduation gift. It could also be used as a Mother or Father's Day gift, gift for a boyfriend, birthday present, etc. It's a good DIY sentimental gift that anyone would like!