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If your purpose isnt customer focused, its not really your purpose.

If your business purpose doesn't impact your customer, then it's not your purpose.

"Purpose requires constant maintenance and needs to be driven daily. Plan 2015 around your purpose. How will you live it every day in every way? Purpose isn't a's an attraction! The more you become the prophet of your purpose, the more you will profit from your purpose" Prophet for Purpose

"Purpose turns what keeps you up at night into what gets you out of bed in the morning when you think about your business!" Prophet for Purpose

Make your customers feel like they are your only cuatomer and your business exists solely for them...on purpose

With a massive why you can come up with many hows to get you any wheres! Purpose first.

The WHY is the WAY. A big enough why will always find a way...on purpose

Leadership today requires relentless authenticity and utter disregard for what is normal in your industry. Purpose is the driver Prophet for Purpose . #purpose #makeithappen #values #leadership #lead #authentic #utterdisregard #challengethenorm #gamechanger