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Portal dos Mitos: Genderuwo

Genderuwo- Javanese myth: an ape-like creature that has thick fur, long fangs, red eyes, and the size of a titan. They usually dwell at the very deep part of the bamboo forest during night time. They also seem have very high interest toward women.

Wewe Gombel is a female supernatural being or ghost in Javanese and Sundanese mythology. It is said that she kidnaps children. This myth taught children to be cautious and to stay at home in the night. Traditionally Wewe Gombel is represented as a woman with long, hanging breasts.

Literally “rain woman,” ame-onna started out as a rainmaker priestess in ancient China. People prayed to her, and she was highly respected. When her legend was brought to Japan, the story changed quite a bit and she became a yokai. It is said that when a newborn child disappears a rainy day, an ame-onna is responsible. They are ugly hags who lurk in the rain, licking their own bodies, and carrying a big black sack which they use to capture children — especially children who cry on a rainy…

Top ten elemental spirits in the Philippines

Top ten elemental spirits in the Philippines

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