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Recipe for homemade dairy goat feed. All ingredients easily found but would like to do a little more research into nutritional value.

Why'd You Eat That?from Why'd You Eat That?

Goat’s Milk and It’s Cheesy Story: Part II


Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINSfrom Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

How I Use Herbs to Maintain a Healthy Goat Herd


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Post-Partum Care for Goats

Holistic Post-Partum Care for Goats - Weed'em Reap #goat #goats #kidding #birth #delivery #animals #farm

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The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats

The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats OH... I was laughing so hard by the end of this!

I want a pet goat. I'm not allowed... :(

i want a goat so bad.. everyone in my house thinks im crazy.. but i would do anything for a girl pygmy goat kid....

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10 Reasons a Goat is the Best Gift

10 Reasons a Goat is the Best Gift- I would like one for my birthday please. But who needs a list when there's a million youtube videos to prove how cute they are? by randi

Plants Toxic to Goats by Rona Sullivan from the March/April, 2009 issue of Dairy Goat Journal. #goatvet likes this article

The animals, big and small are one of my favorite memories of growing up on a farm!

Goats love milk thistles and the odd thistle is appreciated by goats. But don't let them graze a whole paddock of milk thistles as they can nitrate poisoning, especially if sprayed with herbicide (which makes them more palatable).