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  • Taylor McDonald

    win my heart #124 - Hold me when I cry

  • Nadine Jones

    My perfect guy would...

  • Kaylee Parker

    Hold me when I cry, this is the sweetest thing you can do <3 I don't cry in front of others often so you must be lucky

  • Jessie Nicole

    The perfect boy will... I will do this a lot. And I need you to be okay with that:) not to run away when I cry. Not to try to talk. Just hold me

  • Sassy Scientist

    Found Love In A Hopeless Place <3 dreaming(: by dorthy

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check check - listen to music - Win My Heart

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Why are they listening to headphones when you could just put it on the radio?

  • Faith Riffel

    Headphones make you have to be close to listen to the music. Duh

I open my eyes every now and then and he's always smiling.

If you want a girl who respects herself then you better get used to respecting her also. Make me feel secure and love me for who i am

the best kiss my man can give .....

I love when you think of me when I'm doing stuff with you like parkour, you realize even though your not scared to do stuff, that i may be and you always help me down :)

Win My Heart, spend my special day with me ♥

Marriage Bucket List: be adventurous!!!! (but not hungry for pain or death; we wanna love each other long time) =) True true true. Good balance.

This is really important in any relationship because it shows you can truly open up with each other and talk about anything which is key :)