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Boudoir - Portrait - Photography - Black and White - Pose Idea / Inspiration

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Why did I waste my time on design when I could still be practicing photography? hmphf -form, contrast in space, texture. positive and negative

Fragments: Patterns | The Mirror Obscura--a poem

Ferdinando Scianna, Sicily, Carmen Sammartin - Magnum Photos "Light lace traced upon her face"

Ik heb deze gekozen,  omdat bij deze foto de lippen opvallen en je daar gelijk naar kijkt en het vooral mooi is in het zwart wit

Love this pose, kind of mysterious like. Love the defined lip and the under-chin shadow, the way the hat shadows the face is cool. I also have a hat.

Simple and yet unforgettable, Roy DeCarava (1952)  “He was an elegant man with intense dark eyes and a seriousness of purpose that led him to work as a solo practitioner for his entire life.”  http://www.decarava.org/

Image of the Day Archive, April 2011

Critically acclaimed Chinese photographer Fan Ho spent the and taking gritty and darkly beautiful photos of street life in Hong Kong. His photographs are to be published in his new book “Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir.

By the London based fashion photographer Jacob Sutton

Idea of air visible on stage -,use balloons, alternative to bubbles at end of show? (Airheads) by Jacob Sutton ~Fashion photography. Cropped from original colour photo.

Carey took out her camera her fingers barely cooperating." Wow this is amazing!" She had never seen a waterfall so beautiful, no wonder God made things so beautiful. Being careful on her position, Carey prayed silently that she wouldn't fall. She laid her back gently on the rail of the bridge using her hand to grip the edge of the rail then titling her head upside down. Satisfied with her position, Carey lowered her camera toward her eyes and took a minute for her perfect shot of the…

"Dancers Among Us" project by Jordan Matter Photography. Some of these photos are surreal. But so amazing, the stories are written all over them. People should always communicate in dance.

Retratos emocionantes de moradores de rua capturados por Lee Jeffries

Retratos emocionantes de moradores de rua capturados por Lee Jeffries

25 Best Black and White Photography examples and Tips for Beginners | Read full article: http://webneel.com/25-best-black-and-white-photography-examples-and-tips-beginners | more http://webneel.com/black-and-white | Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel

40 Best Black and White Photography examples from top photographers

Night time black and white photo. Just cause this is taken at night , makes it a even better black and white photo.

black and white bathroom, subway tile

30 Bathroom Color Schemes You Never Knew You Wanted

I looove that floor. New York City Bathroom Inspiration: Classic Black and White Tile Flooring with Subway Tiles as the walls. Add a bit of Black and White Photography, a plant or some Art Work and this Bathroom has some serious personality!

8 X 12 Black and White Fine Art Photography Print, Cello.  You have no idea how beautiful this is.

Photography is an art kind that shouldn’t be squelched. Black and white photography supplies an exceptional perspective on a lot of subjects.

35 Amazing Examples of Black And White Photography | Cuded

35 Amazing Examples of Black And White Photography

In this post let’s enjoy 35 amazing examples of black and white photography by different photographers, which gives more impact by removing the colors.

If you combine black and white photography with reflections and then architecture I will forever be in love with you

Black & White Photography: Part 3

I love this example of black and white photography. The young girl is the subject of the picture, even though you cannot even see her face or what she is wearing. Silhouette photography can be tricky, but this black and white silhouette is very creative and well done. This photo is simple and focuses on the true beauty of the moment without using bright colors or editing tools.

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain -Timber” Funny thing is, as I'm writing this, I'm watchi.