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The Perfect Treadmill Workout For a New Runner

by Susi May
If you're new to running, I'm a firm believer in easing into your relationship with running to give your body time to adjust to the physical demands — you don't want to get so sore that you never want to run again. Mixing walking and running is a
  • Darcy's Mom

    Burn 500 calories in 40 minutes. Treadmill interval workout.

  • Sarah Doll

    Cardio Workout: 40-Minute Beginner Treadmill Workout

  • a d

    Burn 500 calories in 40 minutes.. great treadmill workout that will kick your butt. LOVE this interval training chart!

  • Alissa Fleury

    burn 500 calories in 40 minutes.. great treadmill workout that will kick your butt - not sure the calorie burn is quite accurate but seems like a great interval routine that can be slowed down or sped up depending on fitness level.

  • Laura Prisock

    The 500-Calorie-Burning Treadmill Workout. Want to kick up your cardio routine. Try this interval training routine to see results. #exercise #cardio #workout.

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I used to think I could never run! I am over 40, have had 2 kids, have a really bad back, and horrible joints. My sister inspired me because she started running 5 years ago and looks amazing. I ran through the pain and started at my own pace. I am up to 12 miles a week and climbing. ANYONE can do it!! Just take your time an believe in yourself!

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A nice mixup so I don't get bored! Running for beginners-especially when not in shape....I need this. I am a super beginner

Pinner said: 50 great tips about starting running. Wish I had this years ago! (I love this! Awesome advice!). Going to share this!