All tools that will make me actually want to get in the kitchen and cook now that summer's over - especially #9, my new fav!

Kitchen Tools

top 10 most useful kitchen gadgets.

7 Gadgets You Never Knew You Couldn't Live Without!!

The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Baking Pans

42 Real Simple Test-Kitchen-Approved cooking tools—everything you'll need for a well-stocked kitchen.

Get me one. Pleaseee!

These 12 tools and gadgets will make your life a lot easier while experimenting in the kitchen!

40 Great Kitchen Organizing Tools

Handy kitchen tools


iSi Whip – The Must-Have Tool in the Modernist Cuisine. The iSi Whip has played a huge role in allowing molecular gastronomy chefs to create new elements that help them express flavors and textures in innovative ways.

OMG, makes me want to have one of each color :)

Explains why a kitchenaid mixer is a Need, not just a want :) 25 Kitchen Tools You Can Replace With a Stand Mixer (and a Few Attachments)

For breading without the mess, coating ingredients in flour, egg, and bread crumbs is the surest path to an extra-crispy crust, but it can turn your hands into a sticky, clumpy disaster. Follow this neat technique to solve that problem. #| Real Simple

Everything you need for your first kitchen

#27. Kitchen Claws -- 50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools

kitchen - shelves at end of island, table/bar stools

Tidy Kitchen Tips. Great tips to keep your kitchen in order!