Decorating an Empty Space. Step 3: Research Products.

Decorating a completely empty space. Step 2: Define a Style.

Wood <3

set of 3 porcelain and leather hanging containers.

Blank Canvas: Decorating a completely empty space - love the list of apps and website in this post to help you plan.

3 Steps to Styling Out Your Shelves

Work space

The Forever Home Project - A series on how real people, aka non-designers, go about setting up their forever home.

1. Paint walls w/ an existing neutral color (grey) 2. Cover window with a picture 3. Floating shelves add storage + display 4. Window panels as shower curtains add height 5. Personal photos shot + framed 6. Details: greens - even faux - give life to a space + scented candle keep space smelling fresh. 7. Add door knobs to cabinet

Budget finds for creating a "farm house modern" dining room

Ideas and tips on creating a space for kids to play and moms to connect - part of "The Forever Home" series

Tips on how to create cohesion in a room by repeating colors and patterns from a professional designer.

Great series on how a regular person (aka non-designer) can get their dream home.

Beni Ourain on Etsy


love this kitchen space

#styling Cesta lamp | Designed by Miguel Milá in 1964 | Santa & Cole, Barcelona | Disponible en Manuel Lucas Muebles, Elche

great cabinet / Nicole Franzen Photography

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