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Put real spiderwebs on paper...when I was a kid, my mom would spray paint them gold first.

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real natural green leaf - nature print

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Make a Sun Dial from a Plate - National Wildlife Federation. Try this hands - on paper plate sundial for Ground Hogs Day. Also for study of sun.

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Outdoor Shadow Faces-photography fun - I will have to do this next year for shadow and Ground Hogs day. What a fun outdoor activity! Recommended by Charlotte's Clips

from The Kitchn

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

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Freeze & Preserve Herbs In Olive Oil ~ Here’s a new amazing way to shorten the time spent on kitchen and make your cooking way easier. More

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Octopus decoration for under the sea birthday theme. Or use black to look like spiders for Halloween!

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This would be FUNNY! Dice with emotions & animals--kids have to act them out. A great rainy day game for the kids!

from Country Living

18 Homemade Salsas to Make

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Homemade Salsa - 18 different recipes to try! ❊

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Ooooh! Paint a leaf with rainbow colors and just press and peel onto a paper. Instant rainbow tree!