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    {Breathe} 5 Calm Parenting Mantras to help any mother manage the daily struggle of staying present while also chasing a dream.

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    How to stay calm as a parent--Very very helpful stuff in here. So glad I saw this!!! Read again and again!

    One place to get awesome parenting tips to help you stay calm in the chaos of kids. This will help every parent out there learn how to handle their anger, stop yelling, and build a happier home with their kids.


    {25 Ways to Stay Calm as a Parent} Parenting is often the hardest jobs we ever take on. This list is designed to help make it a little easier for everyone. Add your own ideas as well!

    5 Helpful Parenting Charts


    Helpful ideas to help your kids when they have the blues. We all have our dreary days, even kids.

    Helping kids develop empathy, manage emotions

    How to help a pouting kid.

    It's important to stay calm and use empathy when we talk to our kids. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to say instead. Here are some examples of how we "react" to our kids and some alternative responses to try instead

    Are you tired of being an angry parent? Want to stop yelling and respond calmly instead? Here are 6 positive parenting tips to help you make changes to your parenting and start to respond calmly instead of yelling!

    Kids Got Fears? 3 Tips To Help Your Children

    help kids manage big emotions

    A few words of reassurance can really help your toddler when they are feeling fear or emotional stress. Here are a few phrases to help you connect with them when they need it most... #parenting #toddlers #parentingtips

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    Don't you wish your kids would just listen? Why does everything turn into a power struggle? This positive parenting tip will help you set firm limits, while still treating your kids with respect. Read sample scripts and learn more about how to eliminate power struggles in your hIf you're tired of the power struggles with your kids, it's time to try something new. Learn how to use positive parenting to set firm limits in your house.

    Helping Aggressive Kids: 10 Positive Parenting Tips

    Books that help parents connect with their children. Three great reads discovered by MamaSmiles

    6 Great Parenting Tips to help us enjoy life with young children.