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This Tiny Taste Bud Adventure is a super yummy activity for you and your little one to enjoy together! Try with Apples + Strawberries, The Yellow One, and Mangos Mangos Mangos! Step 1) Gather rubber ice cube molds and Ella's Kitchen purees Step 2) Fill ice cube molds with Ella's Kitchen purees and freeze Step 3) Pop out and use as smoothie mixers or teething treats for tiny teeth! For the extra little, put the treats in a mesh bag before giving it to them to suck on.

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37 fun ideas for organizing summer birthdays

Toddlers do not eat much. Satisfy their bird-like appetites in an ingenious way - using ice trays. I think my light eaters might eat more like this.

Spring has almost sprung and with it, so many yummy fruits and veggies! Help your little one learn to differentiate the tastes of the season! Step 1: Gather a strawberry, a spoonful of the apple + strawberry one, a broccoli, a spoonful of pears + peas + broccoli, and a carrot with a spoonful of apple carrots + parsnips Step 2: Line up each fruit and veggie next to their corresponding spoonful Step 3: Have your little one touch and feel the fruit/veggie then eat the spoonful

This TTBA helps to associate touch and recognigition with yummy foods! Step 1) You will need 2 to 4 boxes, and a mix of 2 to 4 veggies or fruits. Note! If you are using a banana, make sure it's really ripe so it smells super bananay for your baby! Step 2) Place 1 fruit or veggie in each box Step 3) Have little one touch and then taste each box's fruit and veggie

8 Easy Homemade Baby Purées: First Foods – Eight nutritious, wholesome (and incredibly quick & easy) baby food recipes are fresh on the table for your little one! Along with all the best products and tips I found helpful for preparing, storing and feeding baby. | // For more family resources visit! :)


Broccoli, Potato & Cheese Puree

Now Baby can enjoy that baked potato you're having for dinner, too! Try this broccoli, potato and cheese puree for your little one!

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blueberry, apple, and spinach puree {for baby stage 2

blueberry, apple, and spinach puree {for baby stage 2}

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A Baby Cereal Pancake Recipe Using Commercial Baby Cereal for a Tasty Nutritious Baby Cereal Pancakes

Baby cereal i can use up the million boxes of rice cereal I have in the pantry!