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This Tiny Taste Bud Adventure is a super yummy activity for you and your little one to enjoy together! Try with Apples + Strawberries, The Yellow One, and Mangos Mangos Mangos! Step 1) Gather rubber ice cube molds and Ella's Kitchen purees Step 2) Fill ice cube molds with Ella's Kitchen purees and freeze Step 3) Pop out and use as smoothie mixers or teething treats for tiny teeth! For the extra little, put the treats in a mesh bag before giving it to them to suck on.

Spring has almost sprung and with it, so many yummy fruits and veggies! Help your little one learn to differentiate the tastes of the season! Step 1: Gather a strawberry, a spoonful of the apple + strawberry one, a broccoli, a spoonful of pears + peas + broccoli, and a carrot with a spoonful of apple carrots + parsnips Step 2: Line up each fruit and veggie next to their corresponding spoonful Step 3: Have your little one touch and feel the fruit/veggie then eat the spoonful

If you choose to feed baby pureed foods - you will love these ideas! 8 Easy Homemade Baby Purées. preparing, storing, serving. #babyfood #heartlanddoulas

Temperature plays a big role in what your little one likes and doesn't like! Here's a simple #TTBA you can do to help discover which temperature is just right for your little one! Step 1: Gather three spoons and your little one's favorite Ella's pouch! Step 2: Squeeze a spoonful of Ella's into each spoon Step 3: Place one spoon in the fridge, one at room temperature, and warm up the last spoon in the microwave. Step 4: Feed to your little one and see which temperature is just right for…

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blueberry, apple, and spinach puree {for baby stage 2

blueberry, apple, and spinach puree {for baby stage 2}

This TTBA helps to associate touch and recognigition with yummy foods! Step 1) You will need 2 to 4 boxes, and a mix of 2 to 4 veggies or fruits. Note! If you are using a banana, make sure it's really ripe so it smells super bananay for your baby! Step 2) Place 1 fruit or veggie in each box Step 3) Have little one touch and then taste each box's fruit and veggie

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A Baby Cereal Pancake Recipe Using Commercial Baby Cereal for a Tasty Nutritious Baby Cereal Pancakes

Baby cereal i can use up the million boxes of rice cereal I have in the pantry!


Broccoli, Potato & Cheese Puree

Now Baby can enjoy that baked potato you're having for dinner, too! Try this broccoli, potato and cheese puree for your little one!

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Baby cuisine, part two: fruit

Tutorial for stage 1 baby purees

Colorful toddler lunch buffet: Fill ice cube tray with healthy finger foods (blueberries, corn, cheddar bunnies, strawberries, raisins, raspberries, pretzels, grapes, peas, cubed cheese, etc.) and let toddlers choose what they like.

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Infant ZoLi 'Gummy' Teething Stick (2-Pack)

ZoLi 'Gummy' Teething Stick (2-Pack) available at #Nordstrom

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Finger Foods and Smoothie Pops for Babies

baby smoothie pop recipes

Avocado, Oatmeal and Pear Puree: This puree is perfect as baby’s first food since it’s very light on a baby’s tummy. Have you ever fed plain cereals to your little ones? They tend to just spit them out because they are very bland. Well, lets add some flavor using fresh ingredients like avocado, paired with the natural sweetness of a nice, ripe pear. These two ingredients will make this oatmeal a powerful, yet delicious puree for baby.

"Baby / Toddler snacks. Applesauce oatmeal bites. 1/2 c applesauce. 1 c oatmeal. Mix well. I used an icing applicator to make them "bite sized" bake for 8-10 min on parchment paper. Let cool. My little one loves them!"