A yearly photo of your child with their favorite book at the time. As they grow and change their favorite book would change too.

Keep the sign for every year and have a spin on showing a baby's growth in first year... I love first day of school pictures :)

baby in boots

Baby books

Cute announcement idea! For the next time around, add E for 2013 and then the year for the next offspring.

Casual bump pics like this are sweet. Can't forget to document that time even when you feel like doing anything but taking photos.

Take a photo with the same accessory every year, I love the crown!

Baby pics

If I can ever get pregnant again and am blessed with another child I want to recreate this photo

Mother and daughter. Take a picture just like this every year see how you both change.


Photo ideas for boys.....got to do before he grows out of loving his cars.

Take a picture once a week for a year and turn into book

CUTEST 1 yr picture!! Now I HAVE to get newborn photos done!! How cute would this be if you did it EVERY year with the year before's picture...by the time they got older, it would document EVERY year from birth :)


adorable first sibling photo in the hospital

Love this! Take a pic of your child with something starting with each letter in alphabet, then make a book on Shutterfly.

Baby Book Ideas for the first two years! Great ideas and suggestions!

What no one tells you about child spacing. Really interesting article!

Baby Picture book

Quite possibly the name of my next child!