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    • Jess Apostle

      How to get your kids to talk at dinner. great concepts!

    • Kate Carter

      A CUP OF JO: Motherhood Mondays: How to get your kids to talk at dinner#more#more#more

    • Urban Lark

      A CUP OF JO - Conversations at the dinner table

    • Christie Anderson

      A CUP OF JO: How to get your kids to talk at dinner (some fun ideas)

    • Pint-sized Treasures
      • 1 year ago

      Hi Steph! I am a parenting blogger and would love an opportunity to pin to this fun parenting board. Feel free to check out my parenting pins and boards! If you think we are a good fit, could you send me an invite? Thanks so much!

    • jen b
      • 1 year ago

      Weird photo

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