Recognizing & Building with Letter Blocks - learning and recognizing letters, maybe even some word building?

Letter sound bingo - sensory style learning. Many other ideas for hands on learning included in the post.

Sight Word Watches! Wear a new word each day! Such a FUN way to learn your sight words :)

Ideas and activities for learning the alphabet in preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classrooms.

These sight word games are just what boys who are learning their sight words need. They make great activities for boys and are a lot of fun too!

CVC Word Builders with Scrabble letter tiles. Great for children who are beginning to read and learn best through hands on activities. (Link to free printable).

2 fun Letter Games with Salt. Sensory Letter Learning (plus free printable letter cards)

Bingo dabbing letters

Use letters for letter learning

The kids dump them out on a table or on the floor and sort the letters by color. and then they spell each color word using the correct colored letters.

Block building cards

Learning With Mrs. Parker: It's All Good! Pete the Cat Roll and Color activity sheet

Alphabet museum. Collections of found objects beginning with each letter.

Block area with

learning about pendulums in preschool

learning how to spell your name - love the velcro idea, makes it reuseable, fun and easy to store

Creative Curriculum Objectives: 46, 28, 29 Create a building block tower with student's name. Can also do this from left to right. Allow student to identify letters in name or to identify the blocks from largest to smallest.

Encouraging Block Play: Strategies for building on your child's interests to encourage deep and meaningful block play.

props in the block area

13 Ways to Learn Letters Without Flash Cards!

Find the Letter & Swat It!