Playful Learning: Sight Word Bingo

Sight Word Coloring Worksheet Package... Laminate and color with vis-a-vis or dry erase markers.

Kindergarten sight word practice pages. 5 weeks worth of packets! Free!

VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems used in Preschool and Elementary for Children with Special Needs

Sight word this

star word practice (sight word)

Word Ladders - Great Literacy Game! - Fun Games 4 Learning

sight word game

Teach your children how to identify the the 220 Dolch Sight words using your smartphone or tablet!

Use letter "slides" made out of paint chips to help your child learn word families. Also, there is a list of the most common word family groups that kids should learn in kindergarten.

10 Reading Games for kids to make learning to read fun! by kidsactivitiesblog #Kids #Reading

sight word BINGO

Roll A Sight Word

10 Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words with kids - learning through play

Sight Word Practice - Typing

Fun idea for site word games! Say the word, kids hunt for it and be the first to flip the word with their spatula.

Super cute sight word game for kids. Find your sight word partner!

Toy Story Pre-K Pack! 27 pages of Toy Story learning and fun for your kiddos!

12 sight word activities for beginning readers

Split class into 2 teams. Teacher writes words on whiteboard. One person from each team gets an eraser. Teacher calls out a word. First team to erase the word gets a point.

sight word journals