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Love this!! To move hand when cutting: to teach hand placement /movement when cutting. Space out stickers along the edge of a paper and instruct to cut and move non dominant hand to one sticker at a time from bottom to top.

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How to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Your Preschooler

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Sponge Tower Building- Quiet building activity with just cut up sponges

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Toddler Approved!: The ABC's of Toddler Activities {A through E}

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Easy toddler activity. Make your own dot to dot

Fun at Home with Kidsfrom Fun at Home with Kids

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DIY Portable LEGO Kit with 24 Free Printable Activity Cards. A great idea for those times where you have to wait (Doctor's office, restaurant) or when you are traveling (great in the car or on a plane)! From Fun at Home with Kids

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milk caps and a box - recycled fine motor fun!

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Paper cutting can be introduced to 2 year-olds and should be preceded by kneading play-doh or modeling clay, transferring, tonging, stringing beads, and tearing strips of paper. The direct aim of paper cutting is scissor safety and bilateral hand-eye coordination. Cutting with a scissors is an indirect preparation for handwriting.

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Quiet time or restaurant activity Put velcro dots on the ends of popsicle sticks. Kids can make letters or shapes over and over again.

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4 DIY Baby and Toddler Toys for Motor Skills

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Teaching Skills | DIY Baby and Toddler Toys for Motor Skills - The Imagination Tree

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Toddler Approved!: Toddler Boxes {via It's A Long Story}. What would your toddler want in his box?

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15 discovery boxes for toddlers and preschoolers

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Map Game: Following Directions Grid Game {Map Skills Activities}

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Love this simple idea for a DIY Game: Map Game: Following Directions Grid Game {Map Skills Activities}

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This would be a fun idea for kids! Chopsticks or tweezers for fine motor skills, used to pick up and drop pom-poms into color matched toilet paper rolls.

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