Lots of resources about the Montessori weaning table,which is typically used for ages 6 months - 2 years

Montessori-Inspired Food Preparation for Preschoolers at Living Montessori Now (photo from How We Montessori)

This is the Montessori method to feeding babies and toddlers. The foundation is to teach basic life skills and create an environment where they will have success. This method has been AMAZING in our home among our twins. You can start as early as 6-9 months!

{Owners Manual for a Montessori Child} I'll be honest, some of it is a tall order but it was a great read to remind of me of what my children need or don't need from me and is something for me to strive toward as a parent.

Lots of fun activities to explore!

Montessori practical life activities for toddlers - preparing meals - An Everyday Story

Here is a great activity that you can do with babies from about 6 months old that will test and help to develop their understanding of object permanence.

Painting with a cotton swab and food dye. Simple and fun way to build up prewriting skills. Via Lessons Learnt Journal.

The 80 recipes in Cooking for Baby make preparing delicious meals for babies and toddlers a breeze, even for busy parents. The recipes are organized by age, showing how to introduce cereal grains and simple vegetable and fruit purees to your infant at 6 months, how to move on to chunkier foods by 8 or 9 months, and how to graduate to real meals for young toddlers of 12 to 18 months to enjoy along with the entire family.

50+ Montessori-Inspired Dr. Seuss Activities for Home or Classroom - everything from kids' food preparation activities inspired by Dr. Seuss to activity trays to fun with Oobleck

54 Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas that your Toddler will Love! - Great Resource for ideas!

Coloring Lima Beans for Learning and Crafts Usually, when people think of sensory boxes they think of colored rice. Colored rice, lentils, birdseed are all items that work great in sensory boxes. Today I’m going to show how to color lima beans for learning and crafts and sensory boxes too!

My First Year Poster : if only I had found this before L was born! Hang it somewhere you can see it. Because who can remember to fill in a baby book?

Practical life activities make up one of the most important areas of Montessori education, helping with order, concentration, coordination, and independence. And most preschoolers LOVE practical life activities that involve food preparation!

Montessori for Baby month by month

Kitchen Skills by Age --- what tasks are appropriate for what age. Part of Kids Cooking Camp!

Preparing for Baby - Montessori Activities for Babies 3+, 6+, and 9+ months

25 Totally Awesome & Innovative DIY Projects For The Playroom

Month by Month Feeding - Baby feeding chart from birth to 2 years

How to Prepare a Montessori Toddler Environment at Home - This is an incredible resource! Information on Montessori principles, activities, photos of kids rooms, and links to other Montessori blogs.

Baby activities by the month, birth to age two ~ This truly is a great list with lots of developmental activities!!