Erin-lux: this is a piece for a zine some friends are putting together, with the theme “harbringer”

erin-lux: “wow, it’s been a while since I’ve worked on anything! It feels like I spent all of january moving and preparing to move, but now I’m happily settled in a new place and excited to get back to drawing! this is a piece for a zine some friends.

e7c9d3e661cb0bca7c50104d9d8c035c.jpg (564×2382)

Pen tool/blob brush, lasso and fill bucket would all work to give this look in either Photoshop or Illustrator


Robert Bailey – Illustration for the 'Story of Shades: A Century of Circles' Feature in Mykita Journal, 2016

Giacomo Bagnara   #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Black Swan by Giacomo Bagnara. Giacomo is a young architect turned illustrator living in Verona focusing on editorial work.

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