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Festa de Yemanjá

Africa | Portrait of manifestation of an Egun - a voodoo ancestor spirit in Sakete, Benin. West Africa. 2005. |©Toby Adamson/Axiom

Anders Rising’s portrait of dancer, singer, and founding member of the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba, Zenaida Armenteros (b. 1931), ca. 2006: She dances forth the powerful orisha, Oyá, the feared guardian of the cemeteries, with a temperament that makes the other saints of the Yoruba religion tremble, the only one who knows how to conquer the warrior god Changó – with her sweetness.

Yemaya Afro-Cuban Goddess from the Yoruba religion said to be the ocean, the essence of motherhood, and a protector of children. Blessed Mother

The 16 primordial odu - Of the 256 possible letters than can come in traditional Yoruba divination, these 16 are the most... archetypical. This alphabet for divination spread all over Africa and into Asia and then to Europe.



My line: Fermina Gómez (Ocha Bi, timbelese Olodumare) was a priest of Yemaya and a child of the two waters (Ochun and Yemaya). She is credited with bringing the secrets of Olokun to Cuba from Africa. She is also known as the founder of one of the largest ramas or branches of the Lucumi/Santeria religion, the Egwado (named after her village in Africa). Ferminita was Madrina to Alfredo Calvo, her last surviving godchild. She lived to be 107. Her spiritual name, Ocha Bi, means "Ocha is here."