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  • Sarah Deasy

    Another example of Liberal socialism! Wants government schools to feed their children. You are the parent, feed you own kid. This great country gives you the right to pursue success. If you are not pursuing or have not attained success, then DO NOT have a child you can't feed! The Pledge of Allegiance is for all to show pride and commitment to the prosperity of their country. If you don't want to recite the Pledge then move to any other country of your choice!

  • Katherine W

    Politics. Truth.

  • Thea Alarcon

    It would be a better world if people fought as hard for every kid to have a good school lunch as they do to have every kid say the pledge of allegiance. #progressive

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Trash can eats better than 60% of the world's children... The sad #truth expressed in #creative ways. What does this say about our society? #FoodForThought

.Too bad Congress and the 1% won't figure this out till we're all destroyed

Keep Calm and Carry On? No Thanks! I'd Rather Raise Hell & Change the World!

The education of the nation’s children shapes the nation’s future. Want education to be a priority issue of this campaign? Learn more at

  • Manuel Anaya

    free education is the first step to communism if morals and ethics are not instituted.

  • Diana Richards

    Morals and ethics are a must. Let's hear it for students investing a little more effort themselves. We Americans have become fat, spoiled, entitled and lazy. Many countries spend far less than we do and are kickin' our butts educationally... I'm for good education, too. But sorry, Prez (and teacher's unions), throwin' more money at it isn't always the answer...

  • Bonnie Brumley

    Education is never free. Someone pays for it.

  • Mary Rose

    While free education is a must,we must also move beyond the Prussian education system in place here in the U.S. today. This system which teaches to the left hemisphere of the brain was brought in by the so-called "elite" when the assembly line came into play. What they need for this form of production were robots that could do repetitive tasks for hours at a time. There was no need or room for creativity here. But now that the elite make their wealth via advanced technology which is rapidly replacing the need for human labor, what is needed are entrepreneurial skills with jobs fast disappearing. How many of you know that it now takes less than 30% of the worldwide labor force to make all the goods and services needed for the 7 billion of us currently on the planet. And as we move into nanotechnology which is too large for human hands, more production will be taken over by robotics. This will leave approximately 90% or more of the current labor force without jobs .

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How can fast food restaurants justify charging the exact same price for water as a soft drink? That's just not right!

  • Maria Rasmussen

    Well that depends on the restaurant :) some places I have paid 4 dollars , a few places you can get it for free but it is the restaurants choice . I still live in Denmark, but I have been in the states a few times :)

  • Renie Linkous

    $4.00! American's don't realize how good we have it. Isn't Pinterest amazing. You and I can have a little visit and learn about a little something about the world. A big thank you for sharing. If you are on facebook, I would love to invite you to be a friend.

  • Maria Rasmussen

    Yes thats what I love about Pinterest ! :) And yes you are lucky, Denmark is a very expensive country! unfortunately I am not on facebook :/

  • Renie Linkous

    That's okay, we will visit on Pinterest. I started following your boards and invite you to follow mine. I have a furniture and decor resale store in a small town outside of Albuquerque. I have owned it for four years almost and get a lot of great ideas from Pinterest. Keep in touch friend.

  • Maria Rasmussen

    That sounds nice, must be great to have your own store! Im studying as a nurse right now, and I just love pinterest because there is always something new :) Yes let's keep in touch. You seem like a nice person :)

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"....Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place." Oh man, great words!

Too many Americans are delusional about our standing in the world of healthcare. We are not the best by several standards.

  • Sheila the Book Woman

    McConnel is such a loser.

  • rick morton

    we are either 34th or 49th in the world for infant mortality....depends on whether you believe the UN, 34, or the CIA, of 2011....that by its self is proof of how badly we are doing.