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    • Kassidopeia

      It would be a better world if people fought as hard for every kid to have a good school lunch as they do to have every kid say the pledge of allegiance.

    • Sarah Deasy

      Another example of Liberal socialism! Wants government schools to feed their children. You are the parent, feed you own kid. This great country gives you the right to pursue success. If you are not pursuing or have not attained success, then DO NOT have a child you can't feed! The Pledge of Allegiance is for all to show pride and commitment to the prosperity of their country. If you don't want to recite the Pledge then move to any other country of your choice!

    • (Outerspace*** Andrea)

      Choose your battles wisely- feeding a starving kid trumps patriotic indoctrination in my book.

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    Yes and Republicans would take all this away if they could!

    Truth be told...

    Truth be told...

    Truth be told...

    Truth be told...

    Truth be told...

    *Truth be told...

    Truth be told...


    Truth be told...



    I don't get it

    Facts win arguments.

    Koch is Spending billions to convince you that government is evil yet it is estimated their corporations take in 17 billion of free tax money subsidies designated to them by the politicians they support.

    That would be a much better use of time and effort.


    Pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? Vote republicans OUT! so we can raise the minimum wage!!!


    not an unlimited right.


    Neil deGrasse Tyson Addressing Zombies on The Daily Show

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson ~ so true!

    Oh Captain, my Captain