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"True intimacy ... I want to share myself with somebody who will press her hands through the surface of my skin, curl herself up inside my soul and say 'Here, this is who i am' " -Beau Taplin

I am Baby!! We do belong together!!! I Miss YOU so much!! Just got back from shopping & wanted to buy U so many things! :-) I hope U are back safe!! I can't wait to see YOU!! I've been working on my list of things I want us to do!!:-D I wish we were like this right now..YOU in my against skin..kissing passionately!!! I need YOU so bad!!!! I Love YOU!! I just Love YOU so much!!!!!***

Recipe of the Month: Sakura Mochi

Sakura mochi is a typical springtime dessert in Japan.. and yes, you actually eat the cherry blossom leaf!

Passion comes from within, it's a fire that burns through your skin and only stops when you reach the purest level of satisfaction with the "Ophelia" thong you'll experience the story of traditional flower prints and contrasting finishing that will satisfy undisclosed desires from within . . . The 'Ophelia' thong . . . Shop these pieces with the link in our bio Captured by @sophievanderperre #ForestofSymbols #StorybyTisjaDamen #TisjaDamen

DIANA'S LOVE, ROMANCE & PASSION. She didn’t know Matt had followed her until he grabbed her shoulder, halting her headlong rush to nowhere. He turned her into his arms, pulled her against his chest, crushed her mouth in a searing kiss.“Shane,” he said when he raised his head from hers. “I love you. I love you.”Her heart opened and the wall inside her trembled as she clung to him. “Burn me up, Matt,” she said, her voice a ragged whisper. “Burn it away. Please, please, burn it all away.”She…