Three generations of peasant women stand outside their stone cottage, Connemara. 1920's. Clifton R. Adams (Photography)

In Vanishing Ireland II, about the dying ways and traditions of Irish life. Illustrated with over a hundred photographs, we meet the people and the customs that are fast becoming a distant memory. Through their own words and memories, men and women from every corner of Ireland transport us back to a simpler time when people lived off the land and the sea, and when music and storytelling were essential parts of life.

Ireland, 1920s

Simple clothing and head scarf on Irish women.

A Home in Ireland

The Janus Figure is believed to be between 2000 and 3000 years old and stands about 4 feet high in Caldragh Cemetery, an ancient burial ground on Boa Island in Northern Ireland.

The Irish Peasant at Home ~ Houses and villages, Ireland

Main Ní Tuathail, a 14 year old girl from the Claddagh wearing traditional Claddagh dress. Galway, Ireland, 26th May 1913. The Claddagh (Irish: an Cladach, meaning "the shore") was a fishing village close to the centre of Galway city. The people of the Claddagh lived quite separately from the City of Galway and retained their Gaelic customs, language and dress well into the 1930s. The original village of thatched cottages was razed in 1935 and replaced by a council-housing scheme.

Irish men and women, cutting peat turf.

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An Spidéal, Galway, Ireland, 31 May 1913, woman in front of cottage with spinning wheel.

Photos of Ireland, 1920's. Image by Clifton R. Adams, (c) National Geographic. Hay stacking.

Ireland is an ancient country and has been home to several civilisations over thousands of years. Some of the important symbols used by these ancient communities have come to be symbols of Ireland itself and mean a great deal to many people who are proud of their Irish heritage. Find out about them on Ireland Calling.

In 1879 alone over 1,200 Irish people were evicted from their land and left to starve. They had very little land and were unable to grow enough crops to feed themselves and pay the ren. Charles Stuart Parnell, Irish Land League, Evictions in Ireland

Skellig Michael, Ireland

Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland

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Country Cottage, Ireland

Travel to Ireland the Easy Way. Vintage Irish travel poster.