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    All the HomeStuck trolls

    homestuck trolls

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    Karkat Vantas It's safe to say, if I was in homestuck I'd totally be all over Karkat. #buckets!

    Karkat and Terezi Aww! So cute! Especially that Karkat is blushing!

    karkat and terezi having a fight of slapping and keyboard mashing.

    if this is their "little moment" that Karkat was so secretive about, im gonna flip out, because this is not worth the secrecy and suspence.

    Latula and Mituna by Viria Mitula

    This is homestuck at its best This is why I love this fandom. Its like the blind cosplayer that did Terezi. I love people sometimes and this is why. Love all my Homestucks ♥♥♥

    Mituna and Latula!! ♥

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    Karezi feels I kind of ship it inferiorly to Johnkat but Karezi is adorbs