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Karkat <3 Terezi (by Viria)

homestuck trolls My art latula pyrope mituna captor latuna ...

Karkat Vantas It's safe to say, if I was in homestuck I'd totally be all over Karkat. #buckets!

Karezi feels I kind of ship it inferiorly to Johnkat but Karezi is adorbs

Karezi (by viria) yes this ship YEEES!! look through karezi pictures while listening to " sweater Weather" its too perfect!!

Homestuck, trolls. T^T

Karkat I can't even

funny karkat | homestuck karkat vantas terezi pyrope karezi raypertoire •

HOMESTUCK bc I have this weird need for more pics of Karkat being upset on my Pinterest board...

Karkat and Terezi Aww! So cute! Especially that Karkat is blushing!

The Sufferer and The Disciple -- Homestuck