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    Pato Arlequin

    Mandarin duck

    Mandarin Duck

    mandarin ducks

    Mandarin Ducks- they're just beautiful!

    two Mandarin Ducks

    mandarin duck

    Mandarin Ducks

    Mandarin duck

    Mandarin Duck just colourful

    Mandarin ducks.

    love Mandarin ducks

    Mandarin ducks couple

    Mandarin Duck - Pretty Colors

    Beautiful colors A male mandarin duck in breeding plumage The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata), or just Mandarin, is a medium-sized, East Asian perching duck, closely related to the North American Wood Duck. It is 41–49 cm long with a 65–75 cm wingspan.

    Mandarin Duck- such a colorful little thing, I think the peacocks have a run for their money

    I just love ducks and adore ducklings I want to kiss this little one right on the beak

    Black-bellied Whistling Duck or Black-bellied Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis), formerly also called Black-bellied Tree Duck, is a whistling duck that breeds from the southernmost United States and tropical Central to south-central South America.

    Long-tailed Duck (by Samuel Maglione on Flickr)

    Brown bear ♥

    American Coots swim like ducks, but they do not have the webbed feet of that species. Their toes have broad lobes of skin that allow it to easily move through water. The lobes fold back when the bird lifts its foot while walking to facilitate moving on dry land, but it still supports the bird's weight on muddy land. Nine American Coots were found in Central Park in this year's Bird Count.