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My most favorite is: “The body is a place of truth.” Adyashanti

don't be bored

Wine and yoga pants sounds like a good idea haha


what had happened was...

don't underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary

if we have no peace ..

the most difficult thing is the decision to act ...

she believe she could so she did.

"The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free."

Why is there so many quotes posted about hate and lies? Lets spread positive thoughts and love on Pinterest and Facebook. Live your best life.

I'm going to make everything around me beautiful. Good thing I chose architecture! :)

Haters Just Need A Hug


neon lights | Tumblr #typography

This is Skip, and I've gotten a little like this lately. It is who he has always been. It is also nice to sit in the same room with him and not have to talk constantly. He taught me that silence isn't always bad. What's funny is it'll be silent, I'll have a thought, and then he'll randomly say that thought. He has become the other half of my brain. I like it. =)

true story

Body art ❤️

Be awesome today.