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Red-eyed tree frog. Photo by David Maitland.

Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize. Photo by David Maitland.

A red-eyed tree frog underwater by Nicolas Reusens Source:facebook.com www.nicolasreusens.com

You never know what beauty is just below the surface. A red-eyed tree frog underwater by Nicolas Reusens [ Me on fb ]


Nature is watching you!

This little guy is just hanging out. What a life! Tiger frogs are a recent discovery (2007) & not much is known about them other than that they are not toxic & are very colorful!

Habitat: Colombia, Ecuador Status: Endangered This awesome frog is the Tiger’s Treefrog (Hyloscirtus tigrinus) and I’m sure you can see how it got its common name. If a tiger and a frog hooked up… well, you’d get this guy.

Estas fotos muestran animales desde un enfoque nunca antes visto. Cada imagen es un recordatorio de que compartimos el planeta con criaturas verdaderamente impresionantes.

50 Maravillosas imágenes que capturan momentos extraordinarios de la vida salvaje

In this high resolution picture you can see the big red toad. She has a big black bulging eyes and a yellow mouth. The photo shows only the head of a toad. Legs and body is not visible.

wowtastic-nature:  Red eyed tree frog by  Peter Krejzl on 500px.com (Original Size - Height: 800px - Width: 533px)

Tree Frog ♥ They are called the Coqui frog in Puerto Rico because of their call. Co-KEY __ Note: This is not a coquí. This is the red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). –– Photo: Red eyed tree frog by Peter Krejzl

Buff-tip Moth (Phalera Bucephala)

This is pretty much the perfect camouflage. The Buff-tip moth (Phalera bucephala) avoids predators by disguising itself as a broken stick when at rest. Amazing photo by Sergei Talanov.

What's it like to RETIRE in Costa Rica? read about it at http://boomerinas.com/2013/03/costa-rica-retirement-whats-it-like-retiring-to-costa-rica/

Climbing Tree Frog Leather-Look Samsung Galaxy Wallet Case with Closing Flip Cover and Credit Card Slots

Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree #Frog. I  think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...#Amphibians

Beautiful Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog (Phylomedusa gamba) Puerto Maldonado Rainforest Conservation Anuran, Peru - photo: Paul Bratescu on