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Printable Art "If You Stumble Make it Part of the Dance" Wall Print Wall Art Gallery Wall Art Dorm Decor Dorm Art Dorm Print Inspirational

Married to the music "I DO I DO! After all we've been through! Music kept me alive! My songs are my lifeline my words are my soul! For better or for worse I will never let go! Married to the music and in love the feeling! Nothing beats the sorrow like a singing and screaming! A ring around my finger and a cross on my neck! In sickness! In health! Take my heart and the air in my lunges! Shout my vows till the morning comes!"

Historic First: Fighter Jet Takes Flight Powered Only by Biofuel

Joyous Russian Flash Mob - Puttin' On the Ritz! I defy you not to smile whilst watching this it warms my heart that we humans do this kind of thing. Spreading the joy and good will in this video might just make a difference to someone's day. Made me dance around like a fool, and that's always a good start to any day me finks LOL : )