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Emily Dickinson tattoo (anyone know who the artist is?)

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Lines from Dickinson's "I'm Nobody" poem

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peacock-emily-dickinson-poem-poetry-bird-sketch-pen-ink-art-flying-paint-watercolour-stamps-phoebe-lydia-art-drawing-mum-hope Qcuarele pe margine

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Several quotes including Emily Dickinson, Alfred (Lord) Tennyson, Jack Kerouac, Carl Sagan, covering topics such as love, science, education, imagination, strength, and passionate people. Tattoo was done by Ivy Gowen at Metamorphosis in Winnipeg, MB (Canada). Fonts used are Travelling Typewriter and Veteran Typewriter with the artist's own ink splatterings added :)

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My first and only tattoo, done by Shauncey at Ocala Tattoo in Florida. I submitted this a while ago, but I don’t think it was ever posted. Basically, the tattoo was designed to illustrate the Emily Dickinson poem Hope is the Thing with Feathers, with espere (missing an accent mark) meaning “hope” in French. The birds were taken from my favorite book, The Little Prince, and the heart is just an extra touch, inspired by Rachel on Friends.

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get it. #tattoos

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This tattoo really makes me want to have it......

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love this quote. another pinner says " "quote from neutral milk hotel’s “in the aeroplane over the sea.” i’ve loved the band for years, as well as the sentiment behind this lyric. done by ryan macgibbon at new york abstract tattoo in brooklyn, ny." "

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tattoos quotes, love this one!. #hawaiirehab

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This is one of my favourite quotes of all time. I love how the tattoo is set up too, it's briliant.

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Typewriter. I'd consider something cute like this, writing is a big passion of mine and hopefully a future career.

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love the quote, but also the fonts. hmmm...

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One of the lovely ladies I work with sent gave me this quote in a frame! Really beautiful!