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Tarantula (Avicularia) I love my tarantula, La'galleta. She is an Avicularia metallica, and she is quite large.

Avicularia versicolor adult male More avicularia tarantula photo www.macilacispide...

Avicularia Versicolor infant. Unfortunately as this tarantula gets to be an adult it loses the electric blue color. Nature is so freaking cool though.

Antilles Pink-Toe Tarantula - Avicularia versicolor - This arboreal tarantula belongs to the family Theraphosidae and is native to Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. It makes quite the popular pet as it is rather docile. It is able to leap 11.81" (30 cm) in length or heighth

Female Garden Spider with Moth/Meal by TrombaMarina, via Flickr

Red-Legged Golden Orb-Web Spide The silk is almost as strong as Kevlar, the strongest man-made material which is drawn from concentrated sulphuric acid.It would have a million uses from parachutes, bullet-proof vests, lightweight clothing, seatbelts, light but strong ropes, as sutures in operations, artificial tendons and ligaments.

A spider with pretty blue legs.