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Violet-Green Swallow

Violet-green swallow - (Tachycineta thalassina) Beautiful color pattern and sweet appearance, this swallow lives only in America and nests in cavities in a tree or rock crevice.

White-tailed Jay (Cyanocorax mystacalis). Ecuador and Peru

White-tailed Jay (Cyanocorax mystacalis) Ecuador and Peru.


The very best of Rabbit Carrier's pins - Amazing wildlife - Blue Peacock photo

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My favourite colour palette for my dream stroller would have to be orange and teal. I'd accessorise the teal tide armadillo flip with orange accents.

A Natureza E Os Animais

Leucistic Dark-eyed Junco, looks like a snow type bird but how beautiful to see a white bird in the garden in the Summer

Bucket List: I want to raise quail in my backyard and eat tiny eggs! My neighbors used to have a coop with quail, so I know it can be done.

California Valley Quail, the State Bird. ( love having outside my patio everyday by the dozens )

"Friends are the family, we choose for ourselves" - Edna Buchanan   Appreciate your friends and cherish your friendships, today!

Baby birds cuddling on branch.Cute animal pictures and happy feel good pictures. Steve jobs and bob marley quotes - adorable animals, bulldog