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$ - Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom: Whoo Knows These Pitch Names? - Practice reading treble clef pitch letter names - You can pay to download these bulletin boards as is, OR you can take the idea and make your own!

Elf inspired Bulletin Board (music teacher appreciation) from #holiday #christmas #pta

Using foldable books in the music classroom. Make these in 3rd grade once students have learned about whole notes and sixteenth notes

How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Music Note Collage for 2nd Grade ~ Have your 2nd graders make connections between music, art, science, math, and drawing by creating a garden of music notes! Follow your project by a conversation on growing a garden and see how many ideas will bloom! This project can accompany any song about gardening (such as Music K8's "How Does Your Garden Grow") and can make perfect decorations for your upcoming spring concert or bulletin board!