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The super moon above the Coliseum, Rome, Italy, June 23, 2013.

Super Moon of 2013

The super moon in the Judaean Desert, Israel, June 23, 2013.

The super moon in Washington DC, the USA, June 23, 2013.

The super moon in Salvador, El Salvador, June 23, 2013.

During a Super Moon, the moon makes the closest approach to the Earth. On June 23 it is just 350,000 km away from the Earth, which is about ...

A windmill and the Moon

On the night of June 22 – 23 the largest full moon of the year was visible. The moon made its closest approach to the Earth and the night wa...

Photo: The super moon in Washington DC...

2013 Supermoon Eclipse from NYC


Isle of Capri, Italy.

San Leo, Rimini, Italy

Seine and Sun - Paris/VegaStar Carpentier

Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

God is an artist.

Moonset on Bitterroots by Derek Poff

Supermoon. (Jeff Weeks)

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Lava flow, Hawaii